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In houses placed on the frame

apartamentMany persons are deciding on construction of the house since he doesn’t already want or he isn’t imagining living in the block. It is obvious that construction of the house is quite costly investment but the most problems are appearing while choosing the project. Not everyone, because actually knows what house he wants to have. But more and more persons are taking houses out from wood. It isn’t possible to say they don’t have their charm just the opposite this exceptional character of these houses is just buying it that more and more persons want to have exactly a house of this type. Especially whereas construction of these houses isn’t taking too much time material appropriately earlier is being prepared for construction. The tree to houses of wood after wiping is being surrendered to seasoning, drying and for impregnating, what is immune to weather conditions, insects and mushrooms thanks to. Different thicknesses are having a right time from 45 up to 140 mm. Structures of walls can be made from the single warmed from the inside beam be off double warmed with rock wool between beams. these Walls are achieving the rate of penetrating the central heating below k-0,24 at recommendations for our k-0 climatic zone, 3-0.5 are, so very warm. In houses placed on the frame all structural elements of the building pillars of walls, foundations, ceiling joists or elements of the structure of the roof have the identical thickness. The breadth of elements is addicted to the given destiny of element. To pillars of outside walls elements of breadth 140 are being applied mm, and to inside partition walls 64 or 89mm. The structure houses have which of wood is dependent on the given containing additionally in some cases project wonderful, balconies, balustrades or terraces. After folding these houses are arousing the universal admiration, everyone who is going is examining them whether he is travelling in the vicinity of the construction site.